Hi, I'm Mollie Merkel.  I'm a writer, creator, and comedic actress born on a corn, pumpkin, and christmas tree farm in the outskirts of Frederick Maryland.   

My family was somewhat large and unusual, but seemed perfectly normal to me...at the time. I have 5 brothers, and 3 sisters which made for excellent diversity and playmates.  Plus everyone was funny.  Let's just say we entertertained each other and much of my inspiration still and will always be drawn from them.  I have developed a style of originality, mixing my love for old fashion comedy with the idea of celebrating people in life that aren't traditionally celebrated, characters on the fringe.  To me, there is nothing more satisfying then observing someone funny who doesn't know they are funny.  I draw a lot of my inspiration from closeted behavior and people in sales.  

So here I am in Los Angeles, still doing what I love the most… developing characters and telling my stories.

My passion project is Janice & Jeffrey, a webseries that I created with my comedy husband, Matteo Lane. It will be featured on IFC's Comedy Crib in June 2017, and we are very excited to share that with the world.